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In its work, however, it must constantly be guided, not only by the facts of the situation, but also by its comprehension of the general as well as local mentality of its partners. Particularly in the case of Labour administration, no factory stands alone. There is a Labour problem, which transcends the boundaries of individual businesses—a problem which lies behind the minor problems of day-to-day management—the problem of the mental attitude of Labour as a body. Industrial management needs to clarify its mind on this subject before it can successfully carry out a practical Labour policy in individual industries and factories.

Also the address of Hon. , to a convention of the National Hardwood Lumber Association at Philadelphia, 1921. “This great volume of wealth, this rapid advance, we have been able to achieve in fifty short years by intense application of a genius for the mechanics of industry. Now I believe we are to work a new era in the world’s progress by applying our national genius to the humanics, the human side of industry…. Greatly as we have been building, our material resources have still been only partly uncovered.

Certain advantages are thus socially created, as distinct from those created apart from the community. Different grades of the society contribute different faculties to the creation of those advantages. It thus becomes possible to make an assessment of human values according to the contribution made to the communal advantages, which we may call social ethics. Labour claims that status should be founded on such values. Wide discrepancies in status, it claims, arise from a malassessment of the values contributed to the communal good.

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