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The only accurate way to draw Earth is as a sphere, or round form. Behaim’s Globe In 1492 a German geographer named Martin Behaim constructed one of the first round maps of the world and called it a globe. Although it contained errors, Behaim’s globe was the first plotting of the earth as a sphere. One advantage of a globe is that it gives a true picture of the size and shape of landmasses and bodies of water. Globes also show the true distances and true direction between places. ᭡ BEHAIM’S GLOBE Latitude and Longitude As you read in Section 1, to determine distance and direction on a globe, geographers developed a grid of crisscrossed lines of latitude and longitude.

Nebr. Mich. L. Iowa Utah Kans. Okla. Mex. Mo. Va. Ill. Ind. Colo. Vt. Y. L. ron Wis. Wyo. Ariz. Maine u p er i o r Minn. S. Dak. Nev. S Hu Idaho N. Dak. L. Michigan Mont. Oreg. L CANADA Wash. Calif. 80° W Ky. Ark. 40° N Pa. Conn. J. Del. Va. Md. C. C. Tenn. H. Mass. I. ATLANTIC OCEAN Miss. Ala. Ga. Texas PACIFIC OCEAN MEXICO 160° W 155° W Fla. Gulf of Mexico ARCTIC OCEAN Hawaii PACIFIC OCEAN 20° N 0 30° N La. 70° N 140 mi Alaska 0 140 km 130° W 180°W 0 0 350 mi 60° N 350 km 50° N Marine Mediterranean Highland Steppe Desert 0 170° W 160° W 150° W 140° W 0 200 200 Humid continental Humid subtropical Cuba Tropical Tundra Subarctic 20° N 400 miles 400 kilometers Location Climates in the United States vary as widely as its land regions.

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