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Perry spent several moments ensuring the lead from a silver propelling pencil protruded to precisely the length he wanted. ’ Jennifer slumped back against the pillows again, closing her eyes against reality because this couldn’t be real. ’ ‘They do! ’ ‘She says you do,’ said Jennifer, dully, feeling a wash of exhaustion. ’ persisted Perry. ’ wailed Jennifer, desperately, realizing how it was all sounding to the two men. ‘Help me! ’ ‘I will, Mrs Lomax. I truly will. But you must tell me what happened.

Despite the formality, both men seemed to know her anyway but for the benefit of the unidentified court clerk at the edge of her table the woman named herself as Gillian Heathcote. In the same breath she said briskly, ‘Right! ’ Burden immediately called Bentley, who made a movement as if coming forward but in fact didn’t, because there was no room. He recited the memorized oath and then, unprompted, said that at three-thirty the previous afternoon he had responded to a 999 call to the commodity trading offices of Enco-Corps Inc.

I am not pleading guilty. I am not guilty. And I am not mad. ’ It was going to become very tiresome before it was all over. Hall was going to earn the chambers’ copper brief. ’ Perry shifted, uncomfortably. ’ ‘I want a QC. ’ ‘He’s going through the motions! ’ ‘Things have to go in sequence, in a proper order,’ recited Perry. ‘We’ve got to have this committal hearing and the proper medical and clinical examinations and then pre-trial discussions, before we even get into a proper court. You must trust me.

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