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By E. F. Schumacher

E F Schumacher asserts that it's the job of philosophy to supply a map of lifestyles and data which indicates an important positive aspects of existence of their right prominence. The questions: How am I to behavior my existence? what's the nature of artwork and nature? what's the which means of faith? are restored are restored to sunlight on Schumacher's map of existence via his maxim 'if unsure exhibit it prominently. ' technological know-how is for this reason restored to its domestic territory and its growing to be imperialism over the fields is reserved.

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We know little, if anything, about the 'inner space' of plants, more of that of animals, and a great deal about the 'inner space' of the human being: the space of the person, of creativity, of freedom. Inner space is created by the powers of life, consciousness and self-awareness; hut we have direct and personal experience only of our own 'inner space' and the freedom it affords us. Close observation discloses that most of us, most of the time, behave and act mechanically, like a machine. The 39 specifically human power of self-awareness is asleep, and the human being, like an animal, acts - more or less intelligently - solely in response to outside influences.

No one has described man's possible journey to the truth more clearly than the Bishop of Hippo, St Augustine (AD 354430): 6 T h e first step forward . . will be t o see that t h e attention is fastened o n truth. Of c o u r s e faith d o e s not see truth clearly, but it h a s a n e y e for it, s o to speak, which enables it t o see that a thing is true even w h e n it d o e s n o t s e e the reason for it. It d o e s not yet see the thing it believes, but at least it k n o w s for certain that it d o e s not see it a n d that it is true n o n e the less.

It is thought to be an easy matter to distinguish between fact and theory, between perception and interpretation. In truth, it is extremely difficult. You see the full moon just above the horizon against the silhouettes of some trees or buildings - and it appears to you as a disc as large as that of the sun; but the full moon straight above your head looks quite small. What are the moon images actually received by the eye ? They are exactly the same in both cases. And yet, even when you know this to be so, your mind will not easily let you see the two discs as of equal size.

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