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The skill to conform is key for the existence approach in any respect degrees of association, from that of the gene to these of the atmosphere and human society. precise in its type of the mechanisms and modes of adaptability in any respect degrees of organic association, this booklet offers a framework for studying, dealing with, and describing the interrelations of adaptability strategies.

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72) where D dfdt. 72) is a linear differential equation with constant co­ efficients, and we shall solve it by the standard procedure which is available for such equations. , (i) k > 2Cil, (ii) k 2Cil and (iii) k < 2Cil. 73) are both real and distinct. 73) greater than zero. Let the roots be -'A1 and - 'A2 ('A1 > 'A2). 76) and, hence, - 'Ale-A•t. 78) 44 A C O U R S E I N A P PLI E D M A T H E MAT I C S [CH. But the right-hand side of this equation is less than unity, whereas the left-hand side is greater than unity if t is positive, for then the exponent of e is also positive.

Provided the viscous friction is not too great, there will exist a frequency of oscillation of the point of suspension at which the particle will give a maximum response. At this frequency, the system is in the state of resonance. 72) . If, therefore, the particle is displaced from 0 and released, it will execute damped oscillations of the type described at the beginning of this section. A particle of mass m is hanging in equilibrium under gravity on the end of an elastic string having a Hooke's constant m.

R = -law2 cos lwt. w2(4 + 2y3)0N = -w2(4 + 2y3)MN. = fr is therefore representable, both in magnitude and direction, by the --+ vector (4 + 2y3)w2• PN. fo is similarly representable by the vector --+ (4 + 2y3)w2• NM. The total acceleration of P is now given by the vector sum --+ --+ (4 + 2y3)w2 • PN + (4 + 2y3)w2• NM = --+ --+ (4 + 2v3)w2 • (PN + NM) --+ = (4 + 2y3)w2. PM. EXERCISE 1 P and Q are moving around two coplanar circles in the same sense and with the same angular velocities w. If a is the distance I.

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